Fanfiction Posted: The Migration – Chapter 14

Still pondering if I should repost the entirety of my fanfiction work here or just rely on the links. In the meantime, here’s a new chapter for The Migration.

The Migration – Chapter 14: Vultures Picking Up Stones

Alternate Universe. A retelling of the Origins storyline where more than one hero decides the fate of Ferelden. Helps to be familiar with Female City Elf and Male Human Noble origins.

Part 14: Attitudes are misconstrued and our heroes go digging for the past.

Here is a snippet:

“If you did apologize for your,” Alistair motioned a hand at Aedan, “molehill . . . do you think that would help? More honey, less vinegar?”

“That’s the problem,” Daveth replied, leaning on the shovel he used, “hard to tell if apologizing is going to work or if it’s just going to upset her all the more.”

Alistair looked confused, “Why would apologizing make her more upset?”

“You don’t know a thing about women getting mad, do you?” Daveth shook his head at Alistair.

“I got my Helena mad once,” Jory interjected.

Daveth looked at Aedan and gave an eye roll that said, Here we go again.

Aedan gave him a mildly scolding look while Jory continued, “Even after I apologized, she was still upset at me for a whole two days. And she’s a far gentler creature than Kallian is, that’s for certain.”

“A bear is a gentler creature than she is,” Daveth took his shovel up to move more dirt out of the way. “Did you see the way she cut that hurlock down?”

“Which one?” Aedan got his hands busy again with moving rock. “There were several.”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Daveth replied. “She does all that with just two blades and a bad attitude. Imagine what she’d do if she was actually mad at us.”

“Wait,” Alistair raised a hand, “first she’s mad and now she isn’t?”

“Well, not really mad,” he dumped more soil away. “She’s I’m-not-talking-to-you-and-gonna-glare-all-day mad. Not kill-you-and-dump-you-in-the-Drakon-River mad. Big difference, that.”


Fan Fiction Writer’s Notes: Bird is the Word in The Migration

In my Dragon Age: Origins fanfic called The Migration, the story title, the title of the chapters, and character correlations with birds all stemmed from one thing. This picture here:


This is awesome bit of fanart is by Lyshantia on DeviantART.

Granted, Zevran is an Antivan Crow, but the picture above inspired me to start to associate the other characters to birds. The following is my list of characters, their avian associations, and why I chose that particular creature. Continue reading

Getting Into The Groove

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